Efficiency, Quality and Fun, that's my filosofy. Android games, Bukkit plugins, web games & more, i've made them all. I'm most known for the 'RKMP' Bukkit plugin, which is based on the 'MineTopia' project by DusDavid. I aim to make my plugins and games as efficient as possible.


My name is Marco, i'm currently 14 y/o and i live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I've been into software development since i was 9 y/o, when i started developing "Minecraft Plugins". Nowadays, i still make Minecraft Plugins, but also Java software, websites, C# software and Android Apps.


RKMP & RKMP Website

RKMP is my biggest project right now, it's a Bukkit plugin based on the 'MineTopia' project by DusDavid, a dutch Youtuber. Currently over 100 servers use this plugin, giving ~800+ users the RKMP experience!

This website

Ofcourse, this website is also one of my projects. It's not big, but it's something!


You can find other project that i'm working on on my GitHub, with source codes!


Feel free contact me for feedback, a request, or just to say hello!
[email protected]